Quarantine Check-Up

August check up during the pandemic, with 3 little stories of how new connections brings wonderful new projects to work on.

Quite a lot has been going on, which I didn’t expect to be able to say!

I hope you all are making it though the pandemic unscathed. 
I can’t say it’s slowed me down much, I’ve adapted to the “stay at home” lifestyle a bit quickly. To that end, I’ve been making fantastic connections which has been leading me to new projects that I wouldn’t have otherwise dreamed of. All of which, I have to admit, revolve around cross stitching! I love it. I love how such a seemingly straight forward medium can be so versatile and inspire people from around the world.



Demon Days Collaboration


One project involves an art trade with a fellow cross stitcher, and Gorillaz lover in Australia. He’s absolutely brilliant and together we are creating the Demon Days album. We were both using Aseprite to create our characters, which are then being used to create patterns for cross stitches. I chose two characters, while he is doing the other two. We will stitch each twice and send our copies to each other. I am so excited to be making stronger bonds with someone in such a cool way, and to be learning a new program (Aseprite) to complete the project.



An Unexpected Wonderful Friendship


I love to look for free cross stitch patterns to do. I’m terrible at making them and just love to see other people’s pattern styles. I came across Bogdragoncrafts a few months back, and have kept the link on the backburner. This was entirely my mistake, because I have actually connected with the owner of the site and she’s the most wonderful gem of a person. I love our friendship so much, and learning about her and her country has been eye-opening and informative. It makes me feel like we are so close, especially with the shared interests that we have. From hobbies, to TV shows & movies. She has the sweetest patterns and they are easy to use for all levels of skill with cross stitch. 



Stitching For a Brazilian Indie Game



Cross stitching, design design has a tremendous overlap -they both work with pixels! Pixel art has always been apart of my life due to video games, so it was only natural that I would eventually team up with a pixelated game developer for a project (pssh, chyea know?). 3 Gentle Giants Games, a Brazilian indie game studio has a new game in the works and I am stitching the title screen kingdom image for them! This is quite a big little project, hehe, but I’m so excited and I would love to team up and do more art for studios like I do with musicians, streamers, and even businesses at times. Embroidery is such a versatile medium! Stay tuned for the release of this game, which will also include my hair style as an asset choice!



stay strange,

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