Project: Art You Can Feel

This project was inspired by the dilemma of creating art for my friend who lost his vision.

Recently, I began a new series of art under the collection title of Art You Can Feel. This series is inspired by one of my best friends and former roommate back home in Georgia, Walt. Walt was always quick with encouragement when it came to my art and never failed to miss a show. He was also one of the most important people in my recovery after I was mugged at gunpoint in Atlanta. After I moved to Seattle, he requested a special painting and gave me all kinds of details that he wanted to see in it (pink monster bunnies in a forest, etc). Unfortunately, during the process of me working on his painting for him, he lost his vision due to a degenerative disease passed down in his family.

It never felt right to continue working on this piece, or really doing anything with it, so I just put it in a closet and tried to forget about it. Of course, I couldn’t. Then it hit me to try and make the painting something he could feel instead. Since March, I’ve been researching ways to finish the painting for him and do just that. In the end, I hope to master these new painting techniques and finally finish his painting for him and he can finally enjoy it.

Thank you so much to everyone who has been wildly encouraging through this process. It has been so touching to hear such positive things about something that means so much to me. I truly believe art heals and should be available for all to enjoy, and I hope this series is just another step to helping that reality come to be.

stay strange,

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