Relief Conspiracy 2021: Postcard Exchange is Underway!

As sign ups come to a close, I cannot contain how excited I am for this!

Over 596 printers signed up! I cannot believe how many printmakers signed up for the exchange! It’s so awesome that people all around the world can be connected in such a simple, but powerful way. Art is truly magical. I can only imagine this type of thing is something many of us are anxious to participate in!

The photo used is compliments of Relief Conspiracy.


Just in case, I went ahead and signed up to give out 40 post cards instead of the standard 20. Sometimes people need to drop out, or there just aren’t enough on a list to begin with. It’s never bad to score some extra trades, after all ;).

This exchange was created by artist and printmaker Scott Minzy.

Please follow his instagram page, or the Relief Conspiracy page for more updates about the exchange and to participate in future exchanges. It is so wonderful that people like him create opportunities to for artists to connect in such a fun way!

stay strange,


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