Looking Back: My First Photoshop Creations

Looking back on the first two things I ever made from scratch in Photoshop.

I am a bit of a sucker when it comes to looking back at the past & either checking to see how far I’ve progressed or to see how much of a connection I still have to that time. I distinctly remember picking up Photoshop specifically to edit Neopet images. However, these are the first two images I created in the program from entirely nothing but a blank screen.

I remember playing around with light and color a lot and being encouraged by my friend, who had a knack for creating entire universes (literally), within the program. That was never something I was quite able to do, at least in a way that I thought looked “real enough”. If I can remember correctly, this was around 2002 or 2003? I just remember being around 13 when I first made these.

I remember trying to get my mom to make the red one the computer wallpaper at one point, I think I might have forced the orange one on there regardless. I guess I don’t have very much to say about these pieces, I just don’t have very many digital pieces from that time, so these are kind of special for still being around.

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