Frugal Artsthetic: Saving on Adobe CC Subscription

Part of my mission to help make art more accessible — despite the cooporate world is to point out discounts that may benefit others.

This is a nifty little way I’ve gotten some mad savings with Adobe CC software. So far, I’ve done this every year since 2016 or so, but because of the pandemic the discounts are usually better. Now go make some cool shit and enjoy needing to update large programs every freaking day, hahahaha.

Step 1 Sign up for Adobe, any plan.

Step 2: Go to your accounts page

Step 3: Choose view plan details

Step 4: Choose Cancel plan

Step 5: Select Change my plan 

Step 6: Choose the plan that’s right for you (aka the option on the left that includes ALL programs for a year)

Step 7: Do it again. The first time you will either choose between the cheaper plan or the free month, go through all the steps again and do the other option. That way you can have this sick discount and get a freaking month for free.

As always: Art truly heals, and it should be an available source to anyone who needs it.

stay strange,

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