Relief Conspiracy 2021: My Design

Story behind “Cicadas 13 Ways”.

My design for this years postcard exchange was entirely inspired by my friend Kaya in France. For my birthday she sent me a ceramic cicada with an incredible story about their meaning to the people in her region of France. I had been struggling with coming up with a subject, and this was all too perfect. I found out that 13 was a lucky number in France so I decided to incorporate that into my design. 

I also did some research into more ceramics made by that region of france. I loved every single one of the designs and how unique each one was to the next. So, I decided to make 13 individual cicadas, each unique to the rest!

Something I really wanted to challenge myself with on this print was layering. So, I created a circular stamp for the underlayer –which is gold! The circles are in generally the same placement, but with slighnt variations for fun. I absolutely love these little guys and today is mail day so I finally get to send them home!

“Cicadas 13 Ways”


This exchange was created by artist and printmaker Scott Minzy.

Please follow his instagram page, or the Relief Conspiracy page for more updates about the exchange and to participate in future exchanges. It is so wonderful that people like him create opportunities to for artists to connect in such a fun way!

stay strange,

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