Born from the love of creating and sharing art. The SEAPOLEPROJECT is the Seattle chapter of the PORTPOLEPROJECT




In this project, I am taking art from previous projects, & even upcycling materials leftover from previous projects to create new art, then dispersing that art around Seattle (mainly the Capitol Hill area). I named it #seapoleproject because it is to be considered the Seattle version of an existing project, the Portpoleproject.


This image belongs to blackadderpress


I first noticed the #portpoleproject earlier this year on Instagram. There are always stickers, signs, and various things on the poles around my city so I asked the creator of the movement, Blackadderpress if I could join in and create a Seattle chapter and he was more than okay with it! Also, I just need to say, over the last few months there have been more and more artists in his area that have been participating in the movement so also check out the Instagram tag #portpoleproject itself.

You can find his downloadable assets HERE



My first drop entailed pieces that I created last year as gifts to people who ordered products from Strange in Nature (See, I can’t help it!). So, peace signs and little gestures of love were dropped all over Capitol Hill yesterday during my first drop.

It makes me so happy to see how many people love the project so far, and are excited about it. I even had someone from Vashon Island ask if this had been started there yet. Turns out this artist lives in Canada and has family on the island who would be interested in this type of project — so I promised to make a visit! 

I definitely think something like this comes from a personal spot deep inside. I remember growing up and always being asked if I would draw something for my friends or co-workers. I think there’s something very special about being able to make someone so happy with such a small gesture. In Atlanta, there was a freeartfriday movement, which ultimately spread to other small towns like Rome and even bigger cities. Unfortunately, the creator & token artist of that movement turned out to be a not-so-great-guy (a.k.a. a predator in the Atlanta community), so I really haven’t seen many more carrying that tag forward. I think a lot of artists want more than just to create, they want to connect — to share, and that’s just what I’m hoping to do with this campaign.



I hope to make drops all along with the city of Seattle, mainly in my neighborhood though. Hopefully, others will catch on and want to join in! 

I will post free downloadable resources for anyone who wants to participate in Seattle to use (if they wish to use something already made). I encourage anyone to start a movement like this in your area. 


Stay strange,

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