Tanja Warrior Woman Doll

A client contacted me about working together to create a pillow doll of her boss, who also happened to be Tanja ‘The Warrior Woman’ from Women of Wrestling.

I was both excited and honored to participate in this project, but I wasn’t sure initially the style of the doll that I wanted to illustrate. The client only specified that the final design needed to be in color, and contain the details of the warrior costume, so I basically had free reign. After over 25 sketches and 4 different renderings in Illustrator, it’s easy to say I was indecisive for a while about how I wanted to go about the design.

In the end, I have to say I love the way the design of the doll and the way the final pillow came out, and both the client and recipient were equally pleased.

Adobe Illustrator
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Final Design

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