Cicadas -13 Ways

Cicadas -13 Ways My submission for the 2021 Relief Conspiracy Postcard exchange. Read More

Window to the Soul of the Earth

Window to the Soul of the Earth My submission for the 2020 Relief Conspiracy Postcard exchange. It was also featured in an exhibition at The Harlow in Maine Jan-Feb 2021. Read More

Spirit Eyes

Spirit Eyes This was my second block print design, & I experimented with a brittle type of linoleum. Unfortunately, after a while, my original stamp ended up breaking. So, I remade it, and it turned out better than before! I have used this design to upcycle blank shirts & give them new life. Another use… Read More

Target Practice

Target Practice Experimenting with two-color block prints. Read More

Natural Beauty

Natural Beauty Balance & Composure is a combination of embroidery & watercolor on canvas. This work is part of the Art You Can Feel series which is in honor of a friend of mine who lost his vision.  Project Sketches Read More

Wonky Cat

Wonky Cat My first linoleum block print. Read More

Shit Flavored Lollipop

Shit Flavored Lollipop Watercolor and ink piece I did exploring the art style of zentangle. I later did mini prints of this illustration. Year 2014 Tools Watercolor and Ink Read More